Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What You Should Know About the Calming Face Wrap

Calming Face Wrap

Some dogs suffer more serious storm fear and the Face Wrap, which is NOT a muzzle in any way can be used in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap to comfortably reduce the dog's fear and anxiety.  It's completely comfortable and in fact the dog could easily paw it off, but usually doesn't until after the storm has passed.

The Face Wrap works via maintained pressure and 2-acupressure points. One over the bridge of the dog's nose and the second one at the back of the dog's head.

The Face Wrap is used in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap for those dogs suffering more serious storm fear. I.e. scratching the floor, their people or furniture as well as dogs who bark at or chase the storm. Also in the case of the dog climbing upward (on tables or mantles), destructive behavior or trying to escape the storm.  

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