About Me

The Original Anxiety Wrap™
is the only product invented by a veteran dog trainer.
Susan Sharpe, CPDT, ADPT, is a certified member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has over 25 years experience working with dogs in all capacities. Susan knows dogs and has devoted her life to helping them. 100% Guarantee. Patented. Proven.
Susan developed The Anxiety Wrap to help calm her clients’ dogs when they were staying at her doggie resort. After 90 prototypes, she hit upon the exact fabric and design that resulted in a high quality, lightweight, breathable product that provides the maximum calming effect. Because it works on the dog’s fear and anxiety itself, The Anxiety Wrap can:
  • End/lessen Thunderstorm Fear.
  • Help ANY fearful, nervous, hyperactive or anxious dog become calmer.
  • Help shy dogs feel more secure and gain confidence.
  • Help dogs become calmer and focused during training lessons.
  • 100% Guarantee, Patented and Proven
Susan was diligent in designing a product that would allow the dog and owner as much freedom as possible. The Anxiety Wrap can stay on the dog if the owner needs to leave the house or it can be put on the dog before the owner goes to sleep in case a storm rolls through during the night.
  • Patented design targets pressure points on the dog’s body to aid in the calming effect from the light pressure of the garment.
  • Patented “butt straps” hit sensitive pressure points on the back legs to help calm and release tension.
  • “Maintained Pressure” is a technique used by The Anxiety Wrap, with Autistic children, and in neuro-rehabilitation to modify the body’s sensory receptors and change the nervous system back to a more normal state.
  • Fabric is lightweight, stretchable and breathable so it provides minimal disruption/discomfort to the dog while providing the right amount of pressure to affect the nervous system.
  • Won’t bind the dog in any way. The dog can freely urinate and defecate.
  • The “butt straps” can be used in a variety of ways – crisscrossing them, using only one strap, holding the tail down, etc. – to vary the effect.
  • Susan provides free on-line support to help with the product.
The Anxiety Wrap has been featured on The Today Show and Dr. Barbara Simpson introduced the Anxiety Wrap at the 2002 AVMA Convention as one of four ways to work with thunderstorm fear in dogs. The Anxiety Wrap has received positive reviews in publications such as The Boston Globe, Whole Dog Journal, Animal Wellness, Fido Friendly, Dog Fancy, and The Bark.