Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pets Place on Dogs Behaving Badly During Storms

Susi Szeremy at The Pets Place blog talks about dogs behaving badly during storms (and 4th of July celebrations). . .

June is typically the start of storm season in many parts of the country. Statistically, the number of dogs dropped off at animal shelters rises immediately after a thunder storm, possibly because owners are ill equipped to deal with pets who are traumatized by thunder and lightening. In this article, I discuss causes and solutions for dogs who react badly to storms and loud sounds like firecrackers...

On Anxiety Wrap as a potential solution, she says:

Hug Therapy includes “Body wrapping” that seems to calm and focus some anxious and stressed dogs. Neurobiologists believe that trauma can damage nerve receptors, leading to exaggerated responses to stimuli. By applying constantly maintained pressure, a wrap provides a quieting stimulus that causes the receptors to adapt and modify their thresholds in a cumulative manner. A variety of techniques for “wrapping” a dog range from using T-shirts to elastic bandage wraps. Or, consider using the Anxiety Wrap — a sturdy, stretchy vest that hugs the torso like a body stocking and comes in a variety of sizes. This item is said to work so well that it’s been successfully used for separation anxiety, car-sickness, hyperactivity and many other behavioral quirks. Look for it on the Internet.

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