Thursday, November 4, 2010

Susan's Tips for Preventing Dog Bites: For Children and Adults

Susan Sharpe, inventor of Anxiety Wrap, offers these tips for children and adults to prevent dog bites:

Unfortunately, children are the victims of most serious dog bites. It is very important that adults understand what to do and not to do when they are with dogs and pass this along to the children in their lives.

Never run up to a dog, even one you know.

Never scream or run around a dog, even your own.

Don’t sneak up on a dog, especially when he is sleeping or eating.

Children should never go up to any dog without an adult.

Don't stare into the eyes of a dog, and let him sniff your hand before you pet him.

Pet the dog under his chin, on his chest or on his back, not his head.

Stand still if a dog approaches you. Stop, put your bike down, and stand still if you are riding. Don't try to run or ride away!

If a dog is growling or showing his teeth, don't go up to him even if he is with his owner.

Don't try to pet a dog through a fence, even if he is your friend.

Leave mother dogs with their puppies alone. She might try and protect them from you.

Wrestling, chase, and tug games are not good games for kids to play with dogs.

Hitting and teasing dogs, pulling their ears, tails and feet are very dangerous.

Let an adult know if there is a loose dog running around.

If a dog threatens you, don't look into his eyes, scream or run. Instead, hold a jacket or book bag in front of you and slowly back away.

If a dog does attack you, roll up like a ball and put your hands behind your neck.

Dogs perceive situations as safe or dangerous: if they feel a situation is dangerous they will defend themselves, often with a bite. Help the children understand so that their experiences with dogs will be all positive!

Tip of the week: Avoid bending over dogs, especially shy or anxious ones. A person can appear awfully big and intimidating hovering above them. Until then, keep those tails a waggin'
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