Monday, February 28, 2011

King Charles Cavaliers in Anxiety Wrap Charity/Foster program

King Charles Cavaliers Sadie Ann and Ginger Leigh were once puppy mill breeding stock. Today they continue to improve beyond what once was thought possible.  These dogs 5 & 6 yrs of age when released from a puppy mill and went to their first family less than one year ago. Although well intended their first adopters simply did not have the necessary knowledge of how to work through such severe issues and due to this their fears continued to grow. The dogs were than relinquished to the Anxiety Wrap Charity/Foster program. See their story on our video page at

After spending a few months in our Charily/foster program they were adopted by a couple who continues to meet their needs. We are happy to report both dogs are excelling in their new home, Sadie Ann has become outgoing and never misses treat time. Ginger Leigh also loves her treats and continues to blossom.  She has gained enough confidence to demand her fair share of personal attention time!  Both dogs enjoy the winter's snow in addition to all the other wonderful benefits that comes with a knowledgeable and loving
forever home.   We continue to wish them the very best!

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