Friday, December 10, 2010

Meet newest members of Anxiety Wrap’s Charity Foster Program

Meet the newest members of the Anxiety Wrap’s Charity Foster Program: Stevie, Tippy, Miss B and Chico. We do more than donate dollars and provide Anxiety Wraps to needy organizations. We give time, training, socialization and shelter to dogs who are down on their luck and need help with finding loving, forever homes.

Tippy lived about 1 mile from our Anxiety Wrap Company and as many storm-fearing dogs often do, he would leave home during a storm in an attempt to find relief. Luckily for Tippy, he found his way to our facility during storms instead of coming into harm’s way. We recognized his fear as storm fear, put an Anxiety Wrap on him and watched as he lay down and went to sleep. As soon as the storm ended, Tippy would get up and go to the door to signal us it was time to go home. If it began raining in the middle of the night he would scratch on the door of our center’s adjoining apartment, which one of our trainers occupied. She would let him in the office, put his Anxiety Wrap on him (he has his own) and he would go to sleep. Recently we asked Tippy’s previous owner to consider allowing us to re-home him where he would live inside with lots of love. Fortunately they relinquished him and he stayed with us until the right match was found.  Tippy now lives with a retired lady who lavishes him with love.

Stevie’s owners asked for help with his hyperactivity. One of our trainers observed that he lived in a crate nearly 24 hours a day and scratched himself until he developed sores. Our trainer offered to take Stevie since, while his owner wanted to keep him, it was clear he wasn’t receiving the environment he needed. After a few weeks, the owner called and agreed to relinquish Stevie to our care. We accepted Stevie into our program and he’s been enjoying life with other dogs and staff members. His skin has completely cleared up and he’s in good health. He’s 20-months and friendly to all creatures from dogs to kittens. We are still in the process of finding him the right home. If you’re interested please give us a call at 877.652.1266.

Chico was found with a shoestring tied around his neck, tethered to a fence in 90 degree heat with no water or food. A wonderful woman not only rescued Chico, but found his owners and got them to relinquish their rights. She took Chico and fostered him until we took over his care and placed him with a wonderful retired gentleman. Chico now lives in luxury. This 7-lb Rat Terrier hit gold as all dogs should do!

Miss B. came to us from a local Indiana humane society and now has a loving home.

Watch Tippy, Stevie and Miss B romp and play together.

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