Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest Additions To Our Charity Foster Program

Animals are important to us. We do more than just donate money to the cause of animal welfare. We spay, neuter, vaccinate, foster, train, and find great homes for countless numbers of all kinds of animals! And it’s all sponsored by every Anxiety Wrap purchase! In addition to donating Anxiety Wraps and providing funding to shelters & other rescue groups, we, at The Original Anxiety Wrap company, also give our time, effort and skills.

Our foster program includes housing the dog at our training facility where he or she joins doggie daycare for socialization and great exercise!  Daycare includes a 6-acre fenced field, as well as an inside heated and air-conditioned area complete with 1-inch thick matting on the floor for health & safety. At night our foster dogs either sleep in our office (therapeutic dog mattresses) or with the trainer who lives in our adjoining apartment, or they’re placed in the home of one of our trainers and/or skilled foster volunteers. Wherever the dog stays they are integrated into family life, including other dogs, cats, kids and more.

We recently had two new additions to our Charity Foster Program.  We'd like you to meet Addie and Just  Jack

Addie is 10 yrs of age.  No bad habits - likes to be outside when it's nice and travels well. Sweet dog to both people and animals.  Doesn't bark and appears to be house trained. A little shy, but that's to be expected as her world has been turned upside down in the last 24-hrs. 

Just Jack

Just Jack is a 5-yrs old -  Minpin/Jack Russell/& more - excellent health.  Jack has barked twice when the other dogs barked and is house trained. Likes to play ball, shake hands  and jumps into your lap on cue. Friendly to both humans and animals. Weighs approximately 20-lbs and travels well.  This dog could do it all, from tricks to Broadway, he's athletic and a quick learner!

We have every confidence that these two adorable dogs will be placed in a great, loving home.  

Your purchase of Anxiety Wrap helps us help them.   

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